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Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Nerf Gun Wall!

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We did some re-arranging of my son's room, and part of the project left us with a large empty wall, and limited storage.  We decided to do a Nerf Gun peg board wall!  I had installed a peg board in the garage for tool storage, so I had a little experience.  Unfortunately, I didn't take progress pictures, but I should be able to walk you through.  The cost was approximately $40, depending on what materials and scrap you have lying around.  Once the room is complete, I will show off the entire room!

Materials needed:
Wood screws
2" washer head (cabinet) screws
furring strips (1/2" thick by 1.5" or 2" wide) to mount the pegboard to
2 sheets of 2' x 4' pegboard
13' or so of primed quarter round
1x3 (or so) piece of trim lumber for shelf (about 52" long)
2 cans of spray paint (semi-gloss)
pegboard hooks

Tools Needed
Miter saw (powered or manual box saw)
Brad nailer, or pin nailer (cheap accessory to install trim with a hammer)
Stud finder


  1. Spraypaint the furring strips, pegboard, quarter round, and shelf your desired color.  I used black semi-gloss spray paint from home depot.  I used 2 coats of spraypaint to fill in areas that I missed the first time.
  2. Find the studs in the wall you will be mounting to using your stud finder, and use a level to mark a line along the stud.  This is where your "furring strips" will be mounted to.  I placed 3 strips 16" apart, that were each approximately 36" high.  This will allow you to mount the pegboard to the wall, and will allow the pegboard to sit out from the wall so the hooks will be able to attach.  Once your "furring strips" have dried from the spraypaint, place the strips at the desired height on the wall, pre-drill, then put 3 wood screws in each strip into the studs.  You should have 3 vertical strips that are 16" apart.  For added support, I attached an 8 inch strip horizontally above and below the middle vertical strip.
  3. You are now ready to mount the two spray-painted pegboard pieces to the wall.  After ensuring the top peg board is level and centered on the strips, you can begin using the washer head screws to mount the pegboard to the wall.  Repeat with the bottom peg board, ensuring the edges are tight together.  The next steps (quart round and shelf) are optional, but they definitely add to the finished look!
  4. This is where I messed up! Install the shelf first, slightly wider than the 4' of pegboard.  This will allow the quarter round pieces to rest on the trim.  You will notice in the picture below that I made the shelf exactly 4', so that the quarter round has nothing to rest on.  The easiest way to mount the shelf is to "toenail" the shelf into the studs.  You can google "toenailing basics" for a quick tutorial on this if you need help.  center the shelf to the peg board, and toe nail using wood screws into the studs.
  5. The quarter round might be the trickiest part of the project if you have never done a miter cut cut before.  You are basically building a picture frame around the peg board.  I basically measured and cut the trim, then mounted the quarter round trim using a brad nailer.  The easiest way to learn to do this is to google "installing quarter round."  To me it was well worth the finished look!
  6. I had some black acrylic paint lying around, so I filled some of the nail holes with that paint for the finishing touches.
  7. Mount your peg board hooks, and start arranging those nerf guns!

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